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Scope’s speech therapists will help you feel more confident when communicating with others.

Speech therapy is about much more than just talking. Your speech therapist can help you learn about your voice and language. They can teach you how to swallow, eat, and drink. Or they could help you build on your social skills.

It all depends on what your goals are. Your speech therapist will get to know you and your family or carer, and plan your therapy to suit you.

Our team are able to use standardised and non-standardised measures to assess specific aspects of speech, spoken and non-spoken language and social communication. These assessments can be used to diagnose a communication disorder/delay, inform therapy and to make appropriate recommendations to other specialists.


Appointments available in Melbourne's North

Now taking new clients at our centre in Glenroy, Victoria.

To book your appointment, please call 1300 472 673.

How our speech pathologists can help you:

  • Speech
  • Saying sounds and words clearly
  • Stuttering (difficulties with speech flow)
  • Voice concerns
  • Language
  • Expressing ideas, asking questions, making requests
  • Appropriate word use (vocabulary development)
  • Forming grammatically correct sentences
  • Understanding what is said and following instructions
  • High level language skills e.g. listening skills, verbal reasoning and problem solving
  • Social communication
  • Social use of language e.g. understanding humour, social rituals and conversation skills
  • Nonverbal communication e.g. eye contact, gestures
  • Play skills e.g. turn taking, joint attention, sharing
  • Understanding and expressing emotions
  • Comprehensive speech-language assessments

The type of speech therapy you’ll receive depends on your situation and what you want to achieve.

Mealtime management

Mealtime Management

Our team also offer comprehensive Mealtime Assessments, including recommendations and training for family and/or staff on individualised Mealtime Management Plans. We can:

  • Assess swallowing function at mealtimes
  • Assess mealtime practices and behaviours
  • Make recommendations on mealtime positioning, techniques, postures and saliva management
  • Make referrals to other professionals, if required
  • We are a mobile service so mealtime assessments take place in the comfort of the person’s own environment.
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We currently have very limited capacity to take on new clients outside of certain areas. Please contact us to discuss whether we are able to provide this service and for wait times.

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